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What Is The Best Way To Sleep With Back Pain?

Do you notice that when you wake up first thing in the morning that your back is stiff and sore? If you notice that within a few minutes of getting up and moving around your pain or stiffness improves, it can be a sign that your sleeping position is to blame.

A good way to understand what may be happening to your back through the night is to first learn that the joints of the body - especially those of the spine - like to rest in their "middle" or neutral position. So if you are sleeping with your spine all the way rotated to one direction or in a stretched position, the result can be pain and stiffness.

The Trick: Allowing yourself the freedom to move while you sleep, but still keep your spine in neutral.

Check out this video I made which illustrates the technique. I must give credit to Clyde Smith PT from BC for teaching this one to me:

Alternative Option

I mention in the video that you can also place a pillow between your knees. I think this is also a great option to ease back pain and stiffness. Some people find that the pillows shuffle around at night or they have trouble falling asleep that way. Now you have many options to ease your back while you sleep:

Who are Physiotherapists?

Physiotherapists are university trained medical professionals qualified to assess and treat the conditions that are affecting the body’s movement system and function, and prescribe therapeutic exercise to sustain improved mobility. They are experts in treating back and neck conditions, among other muscle, joint, and nerve problems.

Nadir Mawji is a Registered Physiotherapist at The Clinic. You can learn more about him here.

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